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I'm Averill. . .

Selfie of the author in Newfoundland

. . . and I write on nights, weekends, and in the stolen liminal spaces we don't have names for. In my fiction, I try to explore difficult topics with a strong backbone of humour and hope. Recently, I've expanded to poetry and personal essays disguised as media analysis and social commentary.


Besides writing, I spend my free time reading, annoying my cat, and watching the same TV shows and movies over and over. I can quote the entirety of The Princess Bride, listen to too much 2000-era pop-punk to be considered cool, and am still not over the finale of Supernatural. (And I have the AO3 and TikTok accounts to prove it.) (But let's keep that between us.) 

I'm the founder and organizer of the Ottawa Writer's Circle, one of the largest and most active writer's groups in Ottawa, ON. You can catch me there blogging, teaching workshops, or offering coaching or editing services, but mostly I'm nerding out with fellow local writers who help make this solitary pursuit less lonely. 


I hold an Advanced Diploma in Aviation and Business & Management Studies from the Canadian Aviation Institute at Georgian College and a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education from Brock University. I spent over a decade in the aviation industry and now work in the federal government, though I'm still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up.

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