I'm Averill. . .


. . . and I write fiction on nights, weekends, and in the stolen liminal spaces we don't have names for. I try to explore difficult topics in my stories with a strong backbone of humour and hope. 


I am the founder and organizer of the Ottawa Writer's Circle, one of the largest and most active writer's groups in my city of Ottawa, ON. Sometimes you can catch me there blogging, teaching workshops, or offering editing services, but mostly you'll find me geeking out with some of the several hundred local writers among our members. 

Besides writing, I spend my free time reading, swimming, and watching the same TV shows and movies over and over. I’m a mental health supporter, Tom Hanks superfan, enthusiastic hugger, and taller than necessary. I can quote the entirety of The Princess Bride, listen to too much 2000-era pop-punk to be considered cool, and am still not over the finale of Supernatural.


I hold an Advanced Diploma in Business Aviation Management from Georgian College and a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education from Brock University. At my day job, I spend my time managing a team and creating communication products for government employees, but it's much more exciting than it sounds. I promise. 

My cat, an eleven-year-old Maine Coon / Norwegian Forest Cat / Possibly just a really tall, fat torbie named Tassy, says "hi". 

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