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New Year, New... Blog???

Well, it's officially 2021, a year I spent much of the last few months trying my best to convince everyone was fictional. C'mon, look at it. 2021. That's not a real year! That's the future! Hell, that's even the future for Marty McFly in the movie called Back to the Future!

All joking aside, we're in a new year in a relatively new decade, and I just finished a new book.

I know!

I started this book in 2017. I haven't been working on this book exclusively since then--"Not even close," my writing friends say with a crazed chuckle--but it's wild how much this book has changed since then. It started a rom-com-adjacent road-trip something and turned out to be a book about grief, found family, faith, love, discovery, forgiveness, and everything I've been exploring these last three years. It was supposed to be a pallet cleanser from this really sad book I queried in 2019 that was influenced heavily by my experiences as a teen with domestic abuse. Instead, this one turned out to be way more personal than that book was, even though the plot doesn't have much to do with me at all. Funny how these things happen.

So, for the third time in four years, I am entering the querying trenches, this time with my new manuscript called FALLING FROM GRACE. Maybe I'm jinxing it by saying the title, but there it is. It's currently with my last beta reader for a final sanity read, and I hope to be sending out the first queries in February. I thought to stave off the insanity, I'd blog! I've wanted to get back into it for a while, and I blog about writing sporadically (but hopefully more often in 2021) over on www.ottawawriterscircle.com, but I thought I could do something more personalized over here. I honestly thought I would be taking a break in January, but of course, I'm already diving into a new project. Of course.

Pictured: Averill's critique partners

Did you hear something?

Anyway. Welcome. I'm happy you're here.

Next time: Work on the Next Thing??? I guess???

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